One of the amazing things about living in Dubai is the immense diversity of people. And as it turns out – they all have beards now! (Well, most of the guys do and also some of the women but let’s not go there now).


Classical barber shops have something really special – there is a rustic vibe and craftsmanship that makes a visit quite a memorable thing.


Akin Barber Shop is no different – a little retro, a little modern, but very well looked after with all the things a modern bearded man likes. Whether vintage watches, Deus Ex Machina gear or Bixby beard care – literally, everything. Not to mention the coffees delivered steaming hot and generously loaded with caffeine from the guys at The Sum Of Us next door.


We took to the shop to feel the vibe, meet the owner Leith and just generally take a few photos.


Needless to say, we will be back for a quick chop and chat!

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Till next week!


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