This week we got something slightly different for you… In fact it’s a question we get asked a lot: How do I prepare for a portrait photoshoot?

While we completely believe in natural photos, here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of your photoshoot.

Do your research.


When you decided to have your portrait taken, what was your inspiration? Is there a specific style of photos you like, or a certain mood? Is it an outdoor or indoor shoot? Maybe there is a celebrity photo you really like? When you’re prepared and discuss your style with your photographer, you will make sure the end result is exactly what you wanted!

Try the pose. In front of the mirror.

HUGH-photography - Hugues Bouayed -1-8

You might feel a little silly doing this, but honestly this is the very best way to understand exactly how hard the job of a model is. There’s a chance you’ll be nervous with a camera right in front of you, so it’s good to practice and prepare well for the shoot so you can feel confident knowing which expressions you are creating.

Bring a good selection of clothes.


Think about the type of background you’ll have, and bring something that can create a contrast as well as blend in. Bring plenty of clothes choices in different styles that fit your personal note. Don’t forget shoes and accessories and match them well, you might end up shoot something that shows your whole body.

Be well groomed.

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There is always time to get ready, put final touches on a look and obviously your photographer will be there to help decide. But let’s put it like this: gentlemen should be well shaved, with a good haircut and ladies well groomed with makeup and hair according to the type of photo that will be taken. And needless to say – a fresh, well rested face with well hydrated skin and lips is already half the portrait!

Be yourself (even tho it’s tough)

Portrait Photography | HUGH Photography15

Yes, you have a camera centimeters from your nose and there is lights and other equipment pointed at you. But a good photographer will give you time to relax, get into the situation and he will shoot till he has “the picture”. And probably another 20 to pick from.

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for checking back!


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