Expressive, intricate, cinematic, intriguing. That’s Fairytale Fashion Photography.

I think we can all agree that when Annie Leibovitz and Vogue work on a campaign we can brace ourselves for something completely new and different. And since we didn’t really get a proper winter here in the UAE, and its pretty much a smooth transition back into summer, we thought it’s time to bring the magic back.

Fairytale fashion photography

This is an Annie Leibovitz only feature, and rightfully so. Her commitment to create magical stories in photographs has completely taken us on a journey and made us fall in love with her all over again.

Scroll ahead, and get ready for the most comprehensive feature yet (and might I add …something truly magical)!

Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot

0312VogueAliceWonderland02 0312VogueAliceWonderland05 0312VogueAliceWonderland07

tumblr_n01zvmtqLC1s0n7o6o1_1280 0312VogueAliceWonderland11  alice-111 alice-in-wonderland-07

grace-coddington-alice-shoot-4 alice-in-wonderland-09 alice-in-wonderland-10

The Wizard of Oz Photoshoot






Vogue December 2005

The Red Shoes Photoshoot

amy-adams-tim-burton-by-annie-leibovitz-for-vogue-us-december-2014-1 amy-adams-tim-burton-by-annie-leibovitz-for-vogue-us-december-2014-2 amy-adams-tim-burton-by-annie-leibovitz-for-vogue-us-december-2014-amy-adams-tim-burton-by-annie-leibovitz-for-vogue-us-december-2014

Hansel & Gretel Photoshoot


Annie Leibovitz - Lily Cole_Andrew Garfield_Lady GaGa - Hansel & Gretel - Vogue_2009_12_03



Beauty and the Beast Photoshoot

fairy-tales-2005-04-annie-leibovitz-1_173846979942 fairy-tales-2005-04-annie-leibovitz-2_173846150261

Marie Antoinette Photoshoot

teen_queen_05_annie_leibovitz_editorial_hd-wallpaper-39810 teen-queen-02_114203800269    tumblr_m7f4v2RJBe1qe9qato1_r1_1280

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