You might remember this: Back in the day, people used to go to the photo studio once a year and have their family portrait taken. In my opinion, that’s a really beautiful tradition. You stop the time once a year and look at the status quo.

I’d like to inspire you to bring back portraits, in an updated form of course. Please read on for my top 5 reasons why you should have your portrait taken professionally.

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1) You are manifesting a moment in your life
Whatever that moment in your life is that you chose, you’ll forever remember how you felt, who you were when the picture was taken. Stop the time for a moment, stand still quite figuratively, and enjoy your session.

2) You will learn a lot about yourself
I firmly believe that taking someone’s picture means capturing their character, personality, a special expression. Professional photographers are trained to show the true you, a part that’s usually hidden. It’s almost as if they let me enter into their personal space for a moment and capture their true self. Oftentimes my clients look at the picture afterwards and are ecstatic with what they see.  It’s an honor to be part of this very personal experience.

3) You will look at your imperfections in a new way
Is there a part of yourself you don’t like? You will be surprised how you can fall in love with certain parts of yourself, accept them as part of you. A good photographer will show a side of you that you maybe didn’t like before, in a new light. It will make you question – is this really me? How come I never saw myself that way?
Captured beautifully, and naturally, you will be surprised how much you will embrace being unique – and so will your photographer, cause he will see beauty in it.

4) Great photographers will show your best side
Photography is a job, you have to have your portrait taken by a professional. They are trained to provoke a reaction from you to capture it for you. And a good photographer will collaborate with you to get to that point.
I would go as far as saying, being a good portrait photographer is not quite enough. I believe in creating a completely tailored and unique concept together with my client. A personalized and creative shoot that only stops when we captured the true you is what a really good portrait is all about.

5) “Sorry, I can’t make it, I have a shoot that day”
… is just the most elegant excuse ever to not go and do that thing you didn’t wanna do.

In conclusion
It’s not just about looking pretty. It’s really not about that. That is way too superficial. Neither is a portrait shoot about having the 100th replication of a selfie. It’s great you have a beautiful smile, but there’s a lot more to you – yin and yang belong together, and being thoughtful, sad, vulnerable, peaceful, provocative, loud, introverted, or simply laughing out loud, it’s all part of you.

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